Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nuts About Sketches #163

Whew! Things have been quite crazy in the Grassi household over the past few weeks. I was sick for about 3 weeks straight, & finally broke down & went to the doc. As it turned out, I had an infection in my throat, ears, & sinuses. Ugh! No wonder I wasn't feeling hot! With being sick, I didn't have time to scrap because all my spare time was spent sleeping! Plus, in the midst of me being sick, we went to Wildwood, NJ. Tony had a football clinic there, & the girls & I tagged along. We had a fantastic time! Pool, beach, boardwalk. My fave was watching the girls have so much fun! I did get worse before I got better (thanks to the trip), but, I do feel better now, the weather is sunny, & I am in summer mode. The pool opened this past weekend & we were there every day! Love it! Now we just need Emma to be finished school (8 more days), & to not watch the boys anymore. Then we will kick it into high summer mode!!

On a different note, the new Nuts About Sketches sketch was revealed on Monday, & no disappointment there, again. Another beautiful sketch! I happened to use the supplies that Pam sent me for May for From Here 2 Scrapternity inspiration team, so I double dipped.

The pictures are of my oldest, Emma, in 2007. We have flowers that come up in our landscaping, & she was always so intrigued by them. In fact, she still is to this day! It makes me sad to see these pictures. It seems so long ago!

Thanks for looking today. I hope that you are all are doing well & I hope that you stop back again real soon!

Have a fabulous day!

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