Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nuts About Sketches Birthday Celebration: Day 1

Happy Birthday Nuts About Sketches!!!

Today kicks off the start of the week long birthday celebration, & each day Shawn will post a new sketch at NAS, & let me tell you something.... I have seen those sketches! You are gonna love them!!

Here is my creation with the first lovely sketch:

As you read this, the first party (kids) is over, & the 2nd (family) party is underway. I am sure that I am running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off, but it is a great day, I'm sure.

Thanks for stopping by today, & see you tomorrow.

Let's Get Peachy Design Team News

Yippee & Yahoo!!! I have made the Let's Get Peachy design team as a Peachy Kat! What a fun group of ladies, & such great challenges & inspiration! They have selected me to be a Sketchy Kat, because of my love of sketches, & I am happy to oblige. The announcement was made on Thursday, so feel free to stop by & check them out!

They had asked me for a Book of Me lo, so this is what I provided, & that is on their blog today.

This layout was done on what my perfect "me day" would be like. Since I am a SAHM, babysit for 2 little boys in addition to my own children, then work nights from home, all the while my husband travels all the time, my perfect me day would start off with a LARGE coffee (caramel macchiato to be exact) from Starbucks! I would curl up with a good book for awhile, hopefully a real page turner that would suck me in & make me feel like I am there. When I have had enough of reading, I would go to my scrap room, & scrap my heart out! Get my creative mojo flowing & just create create create! And during all of this....did you hear that?.....No? Me either, because the day would be peaceful with no screaming or fighting or "MOMMY!" yelling kids.
The very next day, I would hug & kiss my girls, because of course I missed them, however I would be refreshed & relaxed & be able to give them all of me, once again.
Now, today is my oldests b-day party, so wish me luck w/ many kiddos running around, & family members later on. However, I must say that she is taking after her ole Mommy! For her party she chose to have the Art Bus, which is an old converted school bus, gutted, & used for crafting! Gotta love it!
Thanks for stopping by today! See you again real soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nuts About Sketches Birthday Celebration

Hello & happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to give all you Nuts a heads up on what's going to be going on the last week in April to celebrate Nuts About Sketches 3rd birthday.

Shawn will be posting one brand new sketch per day, most of them being single page sketches, starting on April 30th, until May 6th.

For those who participate, Shawn will be putting your name in a hat for each completed sketch for a drawing to win a scrapbook kit :)

You will have until the Saturday, May 7th to complete each sketch.

For more details, be sure to stop by Nuts About Sketches!

I hope to see you there & participating!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nuts About Sketches #158

It's Monday! So guess what time it is? Time to reveal my next take on Shawn's fabulous Nuts About Sketches sketch #158. And here it is:

This was the first time that the girls had Rita's water ice. Obviously they loved it! and I don't need to tell you that they got it EVERYWHERE!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stop back again soon!
Have a great week!

Friday, April 22, 2011

From Here to Scrapternity April Crop cont'd

Happy Friday!!!

Today I would like to share with you a special lo that was done for the From Here 2 Scrapternity Crop last weekend. The challenge was to create a lo as to why you continue to come to FH2S, & why it is special to you.

I created this lo using all the words that I could think of to describe FH2S. I then looked up the definitions & wrote them along side of the word. My #10 says: "Best Place to Be" FROM HERE 2 SCRAPTERNITY!

Today the kids are off from school, it is Emma's b-day (my lil baby is 6 today!), it is Earth Day, & Good Friday. A very big day!

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend, & enjoy every moment of it, & take a moment or two to stop & think about what Easter is all about. Not just bunnies, & candy, & egg hunts, but the true meaning of Easter. How Jesus died for OUR sins. The greatest sacrifice ever.

Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Here to Scrapternity April Crop cont'd

Hello!!! How are you today? I hope that you are enjoying your week.

Today, I am going to share with you more of my creations from this past weekends crop at From Here to Scrapternity. I hope that you enjoy them.

This was created for the sketch challenge, but the twist was that it needed to be a birthday theme:

This was Audra's 3rd birthday party in 2010. She was obsessed with the Wiggles so we had a Wiggley Party.
This challenge was the #5. You just had to use the number 5 somewhere on your layout:

This picture of Audra just cracks me up!! I had to use it for something! (it was at the Philadelphia Zoo). I used the 5 as "5 Things that I Love About You" & listed them in random journaling boxes around the lo.
This challenge was to have a balloon bouquet on your lo. I totally scraplifted the example that they had in the challenge, but I really like the outcome:

This was obviously Emma's 5th b-day party, in 2010.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my creations. Stop on back tomorrow for some more from the crop.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Here to Scrapternity April Crop cont'd

Good morning!
I am going to continue sharing with you my creations from the From Here 2 Scrapternity crop, I hope that you enjoy them.

This one was created for the "Power of 5" challenge. I had pick 5 scrappy items from a list, then use 5 different items of my pick. I used: 5 different paper, 5 different flowers, 5 different brads, 5 different pictures, & 5 different colors. And came up with this:

The picture is of Emma & Audra & their friends Paige & Abigail. They were over to play, & when it was time to leave, they all took off running in the cul-de-sac, in their bare feet & jumping in puddles. They were having a ball!!

This lo was created for a "cake" challenge. A picture of a beautiful cake was posted & we needed to use it as inspiration. I used the colors from the cake. After I started this lo, it kinda took on a life of its own! Not sure if I like it, but I like what it is about:

It is about when my MIL came to stay with us for Easter weekend, & of course we just had to paint eggs.

This lo was created for the "goodie bag" challenge. We had to pick items that we would want in our goodie bags, & then the next day they posted what the "goodies" represented. My items turned into: circles, inking, chipboard, handwritten journaling, stickers, bling, & glitter. Here is what I did w/ my goodies:

This picture is of Emma after her preschool "graduation". I wanted to get some pics of her, & she was being super cute & I just started taking pictures randomly. This one turned out nice.

There you have my creations for today. I hope that you enjoyed them & I also hope that you stop back tomorrow for some more layouts.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Here 2 Scrapternity April Crop

If you didn't know, there is an online crop going on right now at From Here 2 Scrapternity to celebrate their 5th birthday! It ends tonight, but you still have until 11:59pm pst to upload your challenges. There are 10 fantastic challenges, & I have said this before, but the talent, & the ladies there, are out of this world! It is certainly a great place to hang out!

Since I did complete all of the challenges this time, I am going to share with you what I've created in bits & pieces. I will start off w/ the challenge that I posted. My challenge, since it is a Birthday Bash party, was to make 3 different cards. They could be any subject, but you had to do a minimum of 3, & they all had to be different. Here is what I posted as my examples:

And since I am posting cards, there was a recipe challenge that could be either a card or layout, & I opted to go w/ the card:

Thanks for looking today. I will be posting my other creations this week, I hope that you stop by & check them out.

Have a great day & see you soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nuts About Sketches #157

Happy Monday morning!! Today I present to you my take on Shawn's fabulous Nuts About Sketches sketch #157:

This was a fun day for Emma & I, hence the title being "Mommy & Emma's Day of Fun". We went to her preschool for the first time to meet with her teacher. It was a week or so before school started for her (3 year old class), so I decided to make a day of it. We had gone to the school to meet the teacher, then stayed & played on the playground a bit. Afterwards we went shopping for sneakers & a backpack. Since it was a busy day, we got hungry so we went to Friendly's for lunch. And if that wasn't enough, we ended the day at the library. It was a fun day, she was a trooper through it all!

Thanks for looking today! I hope you enjoyed my layout, & if you haven't done so already, please stop by NAS to say hello & check out the other ladies great work, & Shawn's amazing sketches.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nuts About Sketches #156

Happy Monday!
There is another fabulous sketch over at Nuts About Sketches this morning! This was a very very fun sketch to work with & one of my faves of Shawn's so far. It was clean & crisp & for lack of better words, just plain ole fun!

Here is what I created with it:

This lo shows Emma's love of plastic tubs! For some reason she just loved them, & would sit in them, put them on her head, & anything that she could think of a use for them (besides storing things in!). In this instance, she emptied out everything in it, & sat in it to do puzzles. Very creative, I must say.

Thanks for looking!
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

November From Here to Scrapternity March Reveal

Not only do I have my March reveal for my From Here 2 Scrapternity items to share with you today, but guess what guess what guess what!!!! Pam has asked me to stay on the Inspirational Team for another 6 months!! Yippee & yahoo!!! I love it over there, & I didn't even think twice about saying yes! So, yay! If you haven't already, head on over there to check out all the fun & inspiration. There are monthly challenges, as well as monthly crops, & just a lot of great people! People who I know consider to be GREAT friends. So, thanks again, Pam for keeping me on the IT!!

I already posted one of my creations with the supplies for the March crop. (see previous post), so the other 3 layouts that I have created are here:

Emma just chilling out at my parents for one of her "sleepovers".
Created for the sketch challenge during the March Crop.

This is of Audra & her Mommy & Me teacher, Mrs. Barwis (if you hadn't guessed). She LOVED Mrs. Barwis, & still talks about her today. The pic was taken at the end of year picnic.

Lo created for the monthly March sketch challenge.

This lo is of my girls this past Christmas. From my in-laws they got a humongous box filled with dress up clothes of all kinds! So, on Christmas day they put on a fashion show for us, complete with me as MC. It last at least half an hour, if not longer! they had a blast!

Also, FH2S is turning 5, so April 15-18 come join us for a Birthday Crop Celebration! It will be loaded with fun & prizes & games. So, come on over & have a blast with us. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for looking!
Have a splendid day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nuts About Sketches #155

Yesterday was the reveal for the next marvelous sketch by Shawn at Nuts About Sketches. I had the hardest time taking a pic of this lo, so I did a do-over this morning. If you are looking at her blog, yuck. This one, much better but still not the greatest. (so very sorry about that Shawn!!).

So, with out further ado, here is my reveal for NAS #155:

This lo is of our last time at Gymboree. There was a group of us that met when our oldests were just a few months old. We stayed together in the same classes, & even did the "family" classes when we all had our 2nd kids. We did play dates, & were a really tight group. This was our last class because our oldests were starting preschool the following week. Most of them different preschools. Although the group has split due to schools & locations, I have met some of my very best friends there, & hope to remain friends for years to come.

Thanks for looking today, I hope that you stop by again soon!
Have a good one.