Monday, November 30, 2009

No More Monitor

This is my latest creation for the Nuts About Sketches DT. It was yet another wonderful sketch by the lovely Shawn. You should head over & check it out, along with all the other wonderful los by my fellow dt members.

The lo is of my dd & the day we found out she no longer needed to be on a monitor. As most of you know, she was born almost 10 weeks early, & spent 5 weeks in the hospital. When she came home, she came home on a heart & apnea monitor. It was a peace of mind to make sure that she was ok, but boy was it a pain to lug around! Plus it would go off all the time as false alarms! So, this is the day that we got the call that we could get rid of it. Pics of the actual monitor, & pics of Emma w/o it!! Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wiggles & Paw-Paw's Boat

I just realized, I never posted my los for Nuts About Sketches the past two weeks! Where is my brain?! So, without further ado......

Week 83 - Nuts About Sketches - Paw-Paw's Boat

This is the first time that Emma went on Paw-Paw's boat with my mom & dad. You wouldn't know it from her face, but they said she really enjoyed it!

Week 84 - Nuts About Sketches - Wiggles

My youngest, Audra, LOVES the Wiggles. We watch them at least once a day, if not more. The cd of songs is in the car, & she pretends to be Jeff. So, when they came to Hershey, I couldn't resist. DH was away, so I called my parents to see if they wanted to tag along. My dad being newly retired, didn't think twice, & they came with. I don't think he even knew who the Wiggles were (I think he thought they would be big furry animals or something), but he seemed to have enjoyed himself!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is a double duty lo. I used a sketch that I found at the Everyday Scrapper, but used it for a challenge at From Here to Scrapternity. The challenge was to add just the facts: Who, What, Why, When, Where.

It is about the bassinet that Emma is in. It has been in the family, on my husbands side, for 60+ years. My mother-in-law was in it as a baby, as well as her brother, then her children, & cousins, & other family members, now passed down to Emma (& Audra 2 years later). I was a little leary to use it at first, with it being so old, but the way my mil fixed it up, it was perfect & we got a lot of use of it.

My Little Lovebug

Yet another lo created for the From Here to Scrapternity online crop LAST weekend. The challenge was to hand stitch on your lo. I stitched the ladybug trail.

This pic is of Audra at 7 days old. She was such a porker!! Just get a load of those cheeks. She looks completely different now. It makes me sad to know that she is almost 3!!!

You Have....

Another lo created for the From Here to Scrapternity online crop. This challenge was to compare, & list 5 different qualities. Here, I compared baby pics of Tony (bottom R), Emma (bottom L), Audra (top R), & me (top L), all about the same age. I was actually comparing who the girls looked like, Tony or me.

Big & Little Things

This lo was created for a challenge at From Here to Scrapternity. The challenge was to scrap about something that you were thankful for, but it could not be about family, health, or job. So, I printed pics that I found on the net & I came up with being thankful for the Big & Little things. The little things being: coffee, sales, naps, chocolate, pizza, books & scrapbooking. The Big thing, Jesus, ever present in our lives!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Baby

And another challenge from the fabulous online crop over at From Here to Scrapternity, this past wekeend! This was a sketch challenge. & you know those are my favorite!!! Here is the sketch that we worked with:

And here is my lo:

The challenge also called for it to have purple on it. Well, I finished my lo, & went to cross of that I completed it, & low & behold, there it was, "lay out must include the color purple." So, I grabbed a scrap, turned it over to the white side, inked it purple, & placed it on my lo! Can you find it? And just for giggles, I am going to keep it there too. I will always remember why that strip of purple is on my Christmas lo! :o)

This is Emma at about 7 months old. I had taken these pics for the Christmas cards that we send out. She was so stinkin cute in that Santa suit!
Lots & lots of los! I was a busy gal this past weekend. This was another challenge at From Here to Scrapternity. It was another scraplift challenge. As you can tell, I really like them! Sometimes I stray & make them my own, sometimes I keep them very similar. This one was a great lo, so didn't need to change much. However, I have girls, not boys, so this is the girl version:

Here is Nichole's beautiful lo:

And then here is mine:I have always loved this pic! It is still framed on top of our entertainment center. Audra is just a few days old, & Emma was so into her. She was picking at her hair, her ears, her lil fingers, but she loved her toes. ....So, when I saw Nichole's lo, it was a no brainer what photo to use. I was a little lazy when it came to the stitching though. I only did 4 12x12 stitches!!

Sesame Place & Elmo's World

This was 2 separate challenges, on 2 separate sites. However, I did them the same so I could use as a double page lo. These are definately not my best work, however, it works for the pics that I used. I totally went back to basics on this one. Just paper, stickers, buttons, & doodling. I guess for nostalgia I should've pulled out the elmer's, huh? Anyway....

This one was done for Scraptacular's sketch challenge:

And this one was done for From Here to Scrapternity's Song Challenge:

As the lo states, this was when we went to Sesame Place in 2007. Emma was 2, & Audra was 5 months old. I have a lot of pics of the day to scrap still, so don't be surprised if you see more los of this subject in the future.

Growing Up

This challenge was from Scraptacular's online crop this past weekend. It was to pick a lo from the gallery & scraplift it. I chose Heather, who had a fantastic lo that I couldn't resist.

Here is my lo of dd Emma:

And this is Heather's stunning lo: Thank you, Heather, for the wonderful lo to lift!!

Look at What I Found!!

Over at a fellow Everyday Scrapper, Vicki's blog, some wonderful blog candy. Please go visit her at:

Here is the fabulous prize:

~So if you win you get: Maya Road chipboard book, felt arrows, party word and cupcake pieces; a Claire's Accessories bookmark; Prima flower; Heidi Swapp rubon corners; chipboard speech bubble; pink zip, book knob, tinkering ink alpha rubons AND various raffle tickets.
~So if you want to win there are several things you can do, for each of these things you will get 1 entry into the prize draw - which I will draw on DECEMBER 1ST........
  1. Leave a comment
  2. Be or Become a Follower
  3. Post about this candy on your blog, AND include a picture
~So you could get up to 3 chances to win..... but make sure you come back here and let me know which of the 3 you've done. GOOD LUCK.... oh and this IS open to everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Run on over & check it out!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(technical difficulties....will repost soon)

Brendon's 1

This was an ad challenge for Scraptacular. We had to create a lo inspired by this ad:

I flipped it, & used it as a sketch, & came up with this:

My oldest friend, Angela, her son turned 1 a few months before Emma did. These are pics of his party. Angela, Brendon, & her dh Larry, are in the upper right hand corner. The other baby, is Emma. lol. Emma & Brendon are still great friends. We don't see them as often as we like, but when they do see each other, they play like they just saw each other yesterday. Just like Angela & I!!!

Monster Pumpkins

This was a challenge to scraplift someone's fall lo that was in the gallery at Scraptacular. I chose Cher's lo because I knew exactly what photos I was going to use. I flipped it, & put my own spin on it.

Here is Cher's:

And here is mine:
The pic is of Emma decorating pumpkins, not in the traditional way, but in a "Mr. Potato Head" way. She had a ball & it kept her occupied for a long time. This was in 2007

Big Girl Bed

Audra, my sweet Audra. This was earlier this year when we converted her crib to a toddler bed. She loved it, as you can tell by her jumping around, & of course, the theme is Dora, her fave!! However, as you can see, she didn't quite sleep the entire night in the bed, but rather on the floor. Too funny!

This lo was created for a "Multi-photo" challenge at Scraptacular.

Money Saving Monday

Hey, have you checked out the Everyday Scrapper yet today? There is a fabulous money saving tip on there on how to make your own chipboard. If I would've known that, I wouldn't have such a big stash of it!! Head on over & check it out now. Here is a peak at the item that Diana made, that was the "make it yourself." Simply beautiful!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Weekend.

I had a super busy weekend this past weekend. I didn't leave the house, in fact, yesterday, I never got out of my pjs! I worked a few hours each morning, then scrapped the rest of the days away. It was really nice. There were 2 online crops that I participated in. From Here to Scrapternity & then Scraptacular. Both were really hopping! If you have a chance, stop on by to check out the fabulous los everyone made from the challenges.

Hopefully, throughout the day, I will be able to post some of my creations. Some I am very pleased with, others are so-so, but I did get quite a bit done.

Stay tuned for my los.........

Friday, November 13, 2009

From Here to Scrapternity & Scraptacular

So, if you haven't already heard, there is an online crop going on over at From Here to Scrapternity! It starts today & goes until Monday. Lots of fun challenges & games, & lots of great inspiration from the lovely ladies over there! So, come on over, check it out, & join in on the fun.


And, if you are looking to really keep yourself busy, Scraptacular's week long online crop continues through the weekend. Lots of interesting challenges, some that I have never heard of before, so go check them out, & check out her store as well. Lots of great items to purchase.


With that being said, be sure to tune in for many posts in the days to come. I plan on scrapping every waking moment this weekend. DH is coming home today after being gone for a week, I think I could use the scrap time! :o)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's Up Wednesday

I know that some of you are avid card makers, well today is "What's Up Wednesday" over at Everyday Scrapper & they are featuring cards. Julie has some beautiful cards listed. You should head on over & check them out!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog Candy

Well, looky here! I found a wonderful RAK on the beautiful Julie's blog! Her blog is very inspirational & touches my heart. Go check out her blog, leave a comment, & start to follow her for your chance to win that awesome RAK!!!

Tuesday Tutorial

For all of you that have kiddos, go take a peek at Tuesday Tutorial over at the Everyday Scrapper. It is the cutest little turkey made from a childs handprint. I will most definately be doing that w/ my girlies in the next few weeks! I will post when I do. :o) What are you waiting for? Run over there & check it out! ;o)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Buds & Scraptacular Online Crop

It's Monday! You know what that means! New sketch over at Nuts About Sketches. Here is my dt submission for this week. Go on over & check all the other wonderful talent at Nut About Sketches. There are always beautiful los by the ladies, but these week there were a few that just knocked my socks off!

This lo is of my dd & our old cat Jakey. We had to put him down about a year ago due to old age, & his diabetes got the best of him. He had been getting insulin shots 2x a day since dh & I got married!!! He just wasn't doing good anymore. I had him him before dh & I even met, so he lived a long happy life!!! He was my first baby, & I really miss him! Emma & Jakey adored each other! He put up with so much from her!!! She would sit on him, pull his tail, chase him, but at the through it all, he would snuggle up to her like this & head but her, & rub up against her. It was really cute! So, this was just one moment of them enjoying each others company. Funny thing is, just in the past month, both girls have been asking when Jakey is going to come home, and saying they really miss him. Mommy Do we see another cat in the near future????
On another note..... head on over to Scraptacular today! They are starting a week long online crop! Lots of challenges, games, prizes! It will be a great time! Beth & the design team do incredible online crops!!!! .... What are you waiting for??? Head on over there now & get started!! Have a great time. See you in the forums! (p.s. I'm going to win the big prize. lol)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Holiday Memories

Here is week #81 for the sketch reveal over at Nuts About Sketches. My dt lo was posted over there today with the reveal. I always love doing her sketches. They are simple, but just challenging enough to make you think. Go on over & check it out, & all the other dt members los as well, & leave some love if you feel so inclined.

I used, what else, Basic Grey. Their last years holiday line along with green card stock, & a few embellis that my mil bought for me. She remembered I had them, when I didn't! Thanks Momma G for helping me remember!

The pics are of our holiday get together on my mom's side of the family from 2005. We do it annually, a few weeks before Christmas. As you can see, I have some crazy cousins, & a Mother who "drinks" her jello! lol.