Monday, November 30, 2009

No More Monitor

This is my latest creation for the Nuts About Sketches DT. It was yet another wonderful sketch by the lovely Shawn. You should head over & check it out, along with all the other wonderful los by my fellow dt members.

The lo is of my dd & the day we found out she no longer needed to be on a monitor. As most of you know, she was born almost 10 weeks early, & spent 5 weeks in the hospital. When she came home, she came home on a heart & apnea monitor. It was a peace of mind to make sure that she was ok, but boy was it a pain to lug around! Plus it would go off all the time as false alarms! So, this is the day that we got the call that we could get rid of it. Pics of the actual monitor, & pics of Emma w/o it!! Woo-hoo!

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  1. Wow such an achievement no longer having to worry with monitors and such. My little guy was 8 weeks early but thankfully never had to have any monitors when he came home. These little ones are so precious and such good fighters. God bless.