Monday, August 8, 2011

Nuts About Sketches - Sketch #173

Oh my! I had thought I had set this up to post while I was on my cruise, but I still had it set as a draft! I hope I didn't disappoint you!

Anyway, this gives me the opportunity to tell you that Tony & I had a wonderful time on our cruise! It was so nice to get away, just the two of us, & reconnect a bit. With all of his travel for work, the impending move on our minds, it was nice to push all of that aside & just enjoy each other with out any distractions. We got massages, pedicures, drank an awful lot! & just had a wonderful time. Since we cruised to Canada, it was a lot colder than what we thought, but over all it was so much fun, & well deserved & needed.

The kids return tomorrow, so back to life we go.

Onto the craft stuff. Of course this is a Nuts About Sketches take on a sketch, it is Monday (well, now Tuesday) after all.

The picture is of the girls this past Easter. The sun was in their eyes so they kinda look like they've been crying, or that they are mad, but in all honesty they WERE mad because I was delaying them going inside to look for their Easter baskets!

As I mentioned, tomorrow is back to normal life....laundry, kiddos, cooking, cleaning, the works. I will just have to relive my moments on the cruise when I scrapbook about it! Stay tuned for those photos/layouts. ;o)

Have a great day & see you back here soon.

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