Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom's Need to Know Giveaway

Something that you may not know about me, besides my love of scraping & crafting, is getting free stuff. Or saving boat loads of money with coupons/rebates/sales, or a combo of all three. My friend Tiffany turned me onto this site called Mom's Need to Know. It is a fabulous money saving site that has everything I love (non-craft related). Free things, money saving ideas, links for coupons, awesome sales, etc. Along with this stuff, she has a few giveaways. One of them is for a bundle of Sun & Earth cleaning products. One lucky winner will be drawn to win a whole lot of cleaning supplies that also help w/ saving the earth. Please go check it out! Who knows, maybe you will be a winner. Even if you don't check out the giveaway, just check out the site for coupons alone! What a fabulous site!!!

Just a reminder that the 2 blog hops are still going on until Saturday! If you haven't hopped your way through yet, please see the below post for the links.

Happy Monday!!


  1. oh love your new avatar. I was peeking in on the hh forum and saw you. will be there this weekend?

  2. This sounds like an interesting site. I am off to check it out.

  3. Left you an award on my blog! Thanks!!!