Monday, August 13, 2012


Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh!!!
It was announced today at Sketchabilites that I am a member of the design team!  I am beyond thrilled!
These DTs are exactly what I needed to light a fire under me to get my mojo back.

Here is the layout that I created to submit for the DT:

It is of Emma (again) at 9 months old, just crawling around & being Emma.  Look at that bald head!  Now she is 7 & has a million freckles & "monster feet".   I guess another reason why I am scrapping from "the beginning" is so that I can remember what they were like when they were so small.  I love scrapbooking!

So, yes, another DT!  I am just so excited!  So, with that being said, my blog should definately be active in the weeks to come!

See you soon!

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