Monday, March 28, 2011

Nuts About Sketches #154

Good morning! It is a very sunny day here, & I hope all the kids are good to make this a great day! But they are already acting up & taking toys from one another, so we shall see!

Today Shawn reveals her sketch #154 at Nuts About Sketches. As usual, it was an awesome sketch & very fun to work with! Here is my take on it:

This is of Audra at about 1 year old. She got into the lazy susan (something Emma had never done), & can you imagine my surprise when I walked around the corner & found this! She was so proud of herself & continued to do it day after day!

Thanks for looking today. I hope that you enjoyed my take on Shawn's sketch. Have a fabulous day/week, & hope you stop back soon!

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