Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nuts About Sketches 275 and 276

Hello.  What is new & exciting with you?  I hope that you are enjoying what is left of this summer.  I know we only have a few weeks left, & then it is back to a schedule/routine of school, work, & everything else in between.
I, again, am late in getting these layouts posted, but that is just an indication of how awesome our summer is going.  Full of things to do & places to see!  In the midst of it, my parents were here for a visit as well.  So much fun!!
Here are my 2 layouts for Nuts About Sketches.  Starting with #275

These are pics of my girls hanging out in my dad's boat & just goofing around.  I gave him this layout to put in his ongoing album.
& #276
This pictures make me giggle every time I see them!  This is a typical Emma moment when she was just over a year old. Happy, & loving to be naked.
Thank you for looking today.  I hope you aren't too thrown off by my posting days.  I hope to be back on track soon, & posting normally again soon.  (about 3-4 weeks maybe?).
Have a great day!!

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