Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nuts About Sketches #94

I could not wait to scrap these pics & they have been sitting here since Christmas 2008! Just look at Emma's face! We have a yearly holiday party with my mom's side of the family, a kind of reunion, if you will. And every year we take family photos. I usually try to get the pic that I will put in my Christmas cards at this time. Well, as you can tell, Emma wanted no parts of it. Finally, she stomped over to the chair, crossed her arms, crossed her legs, & gave the meanest face she knew how to give! It made the entire place roar with laughter! Which made her madder. But then she knew the attention was on her, so then she pretended to be mad to get more laughter. What a goof. She is going to be my actress/performer....mark my words.

This lo was created as part of my dt work with Nuts About Sketches. Week 94.


  1. I always have trouble with double page spreads, and yours here is flowing quite nicely! I really like the rounded corners and all the photos you managed to put in there !