Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scraptacular Guest Designer Creations

I am so excited to be chosen to be a guest designer for Scraptacular for the month of October. It is this wonderful store in Douglasville, PA. Beth is super, the store is wonderful, & the forums are "the" place to be. Lots of challenges & chats, & give aways. If you are in PA, stop by for cropping time or classes, or just to shop. If you are outside of PA, go online & check out her yummy products!!

I have to admit that I have never scrapped anything for Halloween before. Fall, yes, but never Halloween. So, with this SPECTACULAR October kit, a fire was lit under me, & I finally did some Halloween los. Here is what I did with this fabulous kit.

I feel I need to explain this next one. We had this humongous! spider (I'd say a good 5-6") on our deck last year. She was gorgeous. My dh, being the city boy he is, wouldn't go near it, & couldn't understand my fascination with it. (My father had always had us out in creeks & fishing, & in nature. That still runs in me to this day!) I was getting as close as I could to it, & was watching her daily. When you got to close, or she got scared, she would shake up & down so fast on her web! My oldest daughter, who was 3 at the time, had seen Charlotte's Web a few weeks before having this spider, so of course she named her Charlotte. One day the spider laid eggs, then shortly there after, she was gone. Of course I took pics (again dh thought I was crazy).

I wanted to do something to portray the beautiful web that she wove. I came up with this idea using just white thread. I cut slits all around the mat & then "wove my web".

I did a little webbing around the letters too.

So, those were my creations as Guest Designer for Scraptacular. I hope you enjoy them, & I hope to design again for her in the future!

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  1. Cool layouts! Love the webbing you created. But eek...that spider gives me the creeps! City girl here! LOL