Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tiny Update

Hi everyone. Everything on the house is status quo. We are waiting to hear when exactly our move date will be. We may be outta here as early as October 22nd, but we aren't sure yet. We are running into a snafu w/ the bank as far as closing on our house before closing on the new house, so we are awaiting answers from the relocation company. In the relocation policy it does state that we can carry duel mortgages for up to 90 days & the relo company would pay the lesser of the two, but the mortgage company didn't seem to get that memo. We are anxiously awaiting & I will certainly keep you posted.

You will continue to see crafty posts popping up on my blog, but they were created back in July/August. I can assure you that all of my craft supplies are in bins, in storage, in my basement. Very very sad. My craft table is folded & put away. Even all of the girls craft supplies are tucked away. They are now limited to coloring books & crayons. They are chomping at the bit as much as I am. However, my mojo isn't flowing these days anyway....but when I am in my new house, in my new craft room, I am sure it won't take long before I am cutting, & tape running, & embellishing like I was before. I have many months of catching up to do!!

I hope you are doing well. Enjoy the weekend & I will keep you updated on the move when I hear more info.

Thanks for your support!

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