Monday, October 17, 2011

Chicas Getting Crafty -Cheers

Hola, chicas! How are you this fine day? In honor of Dessert Month we were asked to create a layout around our favorite treat, for Chicas Getting Crafty. Well, I am pushing my limits here, as the photos in this layout were taken at an ice cream shop in Avalon, NJ. Ice cream being my all time favorite sweet treat! Now, I know you don't see ice cream anywhere in the photos, but please take my word for is definately an ice cream shop.

These men are my father, my husband, & my sisters fiance. The keyboard player is a comedian/singer & is really good friends with my father. They grew up together. Well, whenever my dad goes to see him play a gig, he pulls my dad up on stage to sing a song. This time, Tommy (the keyboard player) told my dad to pick any 2 guys from the audience to come up with him. Of course he pulled Tony & Noah up with him. Noah (my future brother-in-law) was refusing to go up, but eventually he did & they sang the Three Stooges song. It was hysterical! And on top of it, my girls thought that Paw-paw, Daddy, & Uncle Noah were rock stars!!! Honestly, it is at an ice-cream shop!

Thanks for looking!
Have a fabulous day!

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