Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nuts About Sketches #130 - 132

I am just about caught up with sharing my Nuts About Sketches designs. By next week, I will post 2 more & be all caught up! Ya-hoo!!! So, here are my next 3 weeks of NAS designs.


This lo was done for my youngest daughter & the lil boy, Max, that I watch. When Emma & Jack got on the bus for their 1st day of Kindergarten, the two of the them were Left Behind. All the focus was on the older kiddos & the younger two were kinda lost in the shuffle. That is why I took a few pics of the younger ones. Look at Audra sitting under the tree..... lol.

This was Emma a long time ago. When she was pulling herself up, but not quite walking yet. She was into everything she could get her hands on.
One of the many many many pics I have of Emma eating. Why did I take so many of her eating & messy??

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful day!


  1. great job on those sketches. I love that title on the last one.. those are such cute photos. =)