Monday, January 4, 2010

Nuts About Sketches

It has been quite some time since I have made an entry on my blog. I have done some projects & some design team work, so I will make one big post, so check out what I have been up to, in between the hectic holiday season!!!


This lo is of my dad with the girls. He has some funny obsession with Spam, & had given both girls tatoos of Spam. I have an ongoing album for my father, that I add to for occasions (birthdays, Father's day, Christmas, etc), & this is one of the pages that I did for him, along with it being a Nuts About Sketches design, Week 87. My journaling is a warning to my Dad about "brainwashing" the girls & to cut it out. lol.


This is a lo of the day we went to Dutch Wonderland. We were having a grand ole time, then it started pouring!! We ran for cover, & when it stopped raining, we had to go home because we were all soaked, with no change of clothes. We wound up going back a few weeks later for a full sunny day. This lo was created for Nuts About Sketches, dt, Week 88.


This one is of my sister & my girls. They ADORE her! When she walks into a room, their world stops & all focus is on Aunt Dawn. They were goofing around in my parents back yard. Digging for bugs & worms, hanging out on the bench, & rolling around in the grass. This lo was also created for Nuts About Sketches, dt, Week 89.


This catches us up to my dt work for Nuts About Sketches. This is week 90. I love this one, actually. It was a rainy day, we had a playdate, came home, after naps, I was loading my car up to go scrap. They both come running out of the house in their socks! I shrugged, took off their socks, then let them run around & jump in all the puddles & get wet. They had a ball! It was so much fun watching them too.


  1. Great layouts! I love the one of your dad :) I have never seen a Spam tattoo and cracked up when I saw their little arms. That is too funny and a great memory for them to look back on when they get older.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I feel lonely sometimes and it is nice to know that someone read about my blog.

    I need to get healthy this year too. Maybe I will "think" about getting healthy :)

  2. So cute! That puddle jumpers Layout is adorable! I love the feet!

  3. great layouts, LOVE your doubles!