Monday, September 1, 2014

Don't Fall Over!!!

Please do not fall over, or think that you have misread something.  Yes, it is I!  It has been one year since my last post.  I pulled up my blog today to take a peak & I had, no lie, 20+ blog posts scheduled from the past year.  Schedule from September of last year, through February of this year.  Not one of them got posted!!  Can you believe that?  I am not sure what happened, but I obviously wasn't paying attention, now was I?  

A lot has happened over the past year.  The company that Tony was with, that moved us to Texas, he no longer works for.  He was very unhappy in that position, & out of the blue a head hunter contacted him with a bigger better opportunity.  He has been in the new position, Safety Director, with AirGas since November of 2013. He seems to like it, & I now recognize the man who walks in the door each night. :)  My beautiful sister & husband had a baby, so I am an Aunt! Lil Violet was born 2 days before our anniversary (I'll never forget her birthday day), & is doing fantastic!  I have been to PA to see her two times already.  Not enough, in my opinion!  One of the down falls of moving away from home/family!  The girls are very active in a lot of different things.  Gymnastics, swim team, girl scouts, church. They started 2nd & 4th grade this year!  Can you believe that?  Emma is growing up way too fast!  She is becoming quite the independent young lady. She was asked to do safety patrol at school, which she accepted, & she also going to do Read Dead Run, which is a program where you read 26 books, do 26 good deeds, & run 26 miles. She asked to do it!  I didn't even have to sway her!  Yay!  Me, I have been very busy, & my dear hubby has asked me to cut back on my volunteer work this year.  I was homeroom mom for Audra's class, I help in the library every week at school, I am co-chair for box tops for the school, I am in 2 different bible studies, as well as a leader for girl scouts!  That just scratches the service.  Tony said that if I put as much time into working as I do volunteering we would be rich!!  Which brings me to my job.  I have taken a career change. I no longer work in travel, I now do transcription work, mainly for two different companies.  TranscribeMe! & iDictate/Quicktate. I LOVE it!! I have been doing it for a little over a year now, & it is the best job.  I don't have to answer phones any more, no more customer service.  I pick up a "file" to listen to, & type it.  It is relaxing, & I am learning so much on the topics that I type about.  Sermons, lectures, letters, interviews, closed caption.  I must've been doing a good job because I am now QA & on a few special teams for TranscribeMe!  

We also had an addition put on the house.  We extended the patio out back, & put in an outdoor kitchen.  I really love being out back now!!  It is awesome.  It is just like an extended living space.  When we did that, we put in a media room as well.  We use it all the time.  It is great for some family fun nights, especially movie nights.  

Seriously, we are a very busy family. We have adjusted to life in Texas quite well, & it seems everyone is thriving here.  Yay!

On another note, I have been selected to be on the Design Team for Nuts About Sketches, again!!  I could not be happier.  The first reveal for the new team was today, sketch number 333, & here is what I came up with:

I used Bo Bunny paper, Basic Grey flowers, random ribbon, & Quick Quotes ink. This paper was absolutely perfect for this sketch!!  The girls are 3 & 5 here, & this is our house in PA. They were always being silly, especially when the camera was on them (some things never change).  

I am happy to be back. I hope not to fall behind like I did before.  I am going to post the layouts & posts that I had planned, but keep in mind, they are old.  But the layouts may be inspirational.  Who knows.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope to see you back again soon. Who knows, maybe I will get back into scrapping more, & get on some more teams? ;)

Have a fabulous week!!

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