Sunday, November 27, 2011

Texas Update

Hi friends! I hope that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving...eatting until full, & enjoying family & friends. I know that we have had our fill of turkey! We spent Thanksgiving with my husband family & extended family, then today, we spent it with my family. Very nice. I am so thankful to have spent Thanksgiving with my family(ies) this year, as next year we will probably be a unit of 4.... Just Tony, Emma, Audra, & I.

Which brings me to our Texas update. It seems that things are moving rather quickly now. We have exactly one month left here in PA. The movers are coming December 21-22-23rd, to pack up the house & take our belongings to TX. We will stay with my parents through the Christmas holiday, then on December 27th, we will be boarding a plane & taking off to our new home. My parents will be joining us soon after we arrive (they will be makeing the 2.5 day trek by car to meet up with us there!).

The past month has been a whirlwind. It seems that every moment we are planning, & coordinating, & making sure that everything is in line. Utilities here & there, setting up the schools for both girls, & the big one....going through all of our "junk" that has been accumulated over the past 10+ years & getting rid of what we don't need to be taking with us. It is exhausting!! Over the next several weeks, Tony will be traveling too, so I am going it alone. It is never dull here!

Our current house has not sold yet. We had some serious lookers this past week, & they were really interested, but no offer has come, yet. We are still hoping & praying that something comes our way soon.

So, that is it in a nut shell. I will keep you posted as things get closer....but I have been absent in blogging because of how busy we've been. It seems like I have lost 6 months of my has been in limbo since June!

Hope you are all well. I look forward to being settled & back to blogging & chatting & back in touch with everyone! Take care & talk soon!

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