Monday, August 17, 2009


This past weekend we went to Long Beach Island to visit with Tony's Godmother & uncle. It was the first time that the girls have been to the beach since last summer. I have to say, that Emma did not like it one bit. She hated every little thing about it. She hated the sand,the water, the shells all over, the seaweed, the seagulls.....She isdefinitely a girlie-girl! Audra, on the other hand, loved everything!! She loved digging in the sand, she was chasing the seagulls, she loved loved loved the water, & wanted to go out deeper, then cried when we got out. Very night & day!

Of all things, I forgot to bring my camera when we went to the beach!!! Me! Forgetting my camera! So, we used Tony's Blackberry, which didn't take the best pics, but it is better than nothing. (& one good thing is that my camera didn't get all sandy!).

We did make it out to the lighthouse later in the day, which was really neat. I had my camera for that!!

So, here are some pics from our weekend. Again, Blackberry photos of the beach....

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